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Artistic Collaboration



Acting encourages me to be stronger and more courageous. It is not easy for me to be so vulnerable in front of so many people.  Auditioning, acting classes, and scenes on set provide that opportunity for me to be open in a way I never would have imagined.  I’m learning now that my vulnerability and self expression is my beauty. What excites me is that I get to learn and portray people’s unique and complex stories from all walks of life.



If you are still reading this then I want to invite your artistic collaboration.   I would love to work on more dramatic, action projects... with creative, kind people. 



P.S. Have to travel! 

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Film / TV / Webseries


The Power of the Heart

One Under The Sun (Comic Con)


Active Shooter (Emmy Winner)

The Garden                            

Close Call                            

The Pink Conspiracy 

Dating After Divorce 

Single Dads 

Eric Benet “Sometimes I Cry”

The Eric Andre Show









Lead                           Supporting

Supporting                   Co-Star




CBS/ Nick Gomez

Drew Heriot  (director "The Secret")

Hollywood Casting and Film

Mickey Keating

Vance Koltra -LA Sheriff's Dept.

Mike Montgomery (USC Thesis)

Reuben Johnson

Marc Clebanoff

Annette Westwood

20th Century Fox International

Warner Bros. Records 

Warner Bros.  / Adult Swim



Lady of Shalott

Wouldn't It Be Lovely


Soldiers Don’t Cry      

Landing of the Urban Rebels           Joseph And His Amazing 

Technicolor Dream Coat

Remembering Our Ancestors         

Queen Guinevere

Eliza Doolittle (u/s)


Pvt Lewis 




Director / Dancer


Theatrum Elysium (Huffington Post)

Theatrum Elysium 

Theatrum Elysium

Whitmore-Lindley Theatre 

Two Roads Theatre 

Calvary Church

UCLA's African Arts Ensemble

Training & Workshops

Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) 

Actors Comedy Studio

Carolyne Barry Studios

Margie Haber Studios

Christinna Chauncey 

Monkey Butler Comedy

New York Film Academy-Paris

Landmark Education




 Long Form Improv (Level 2)

Sitcom Comedy 

Commercials / Advanced Improv

On-Camera / Scene Study


Improvisation (Level 3)

Digital Filmmaking

Self Actualization

Electrical Engineering 




Julie Brister

Gunner Todd Rochbaher

Carolyne Barry / Donovan Scott

Eden Bernardy

Christinna Chauncey 

Jeff Braine

Pablo Berger

Various Instructors

Various Instructors



Special Skills

Kick Boxing, Krav Maga Martial Arts, Accents: African-Rwandan, English, American, Louisiana Southern, Stick Shift, Motorcycle License, Modeling, Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts);  Basketball (Varsity); Track And Field (Most Valuable Sprinter/ Long Jumper) , Dancing (UCLA Hip Hop Team, Salsa Dancing);  Valid Passport.





Jamie Ann Burke

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Jamie Ann Burke laughing Actress, Vikings Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2 Nightflyers, Season 2 The Expanse, Season 4 Star Wars: The Mandalorian Warrior Vikings Xena: Warrior Princess Game of Thrones The 100 Blindspot Casting Audition Booking
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