Passion Projects

The following projects are in various stages of development.  I am committed to be an actress that makes a creative contribution in short films, feature length films, and webseries.

Strange Fruit 

the Hip Hopera


Feature Film

Drama/ Historical/ Musical




Strange Fruit the Hip-Hopera is an epic feature film currently in development.


A lynched slave girl. A haunted family. An untold secret. With her interracial marriage to the love of her life on the line, LASHELLE ROBINSON, a spit-fire African-American executive, travels back in time to save her ancestor Inka, a wrongfully murdered slave whose ghost stops at nothing to prevent LaShelle and Todd’s union. A hip-hop musical that navigates the precarious road to discovering your roots, racial reconciliation and ultimately forgiveness. 


A Dying Rose



Short Film



Producer / Writer


A Dying Rose is a experimental and dramatic short film currently in development.

ROSE is an American Beauty rose condemned to die a slow painful death.

Measure Up

A Short About Being Tall


Short Film



Actress/ Writer / Producer


Measure Up: A Short About Being Tall is a hilarious comedy currently in development.


PEARL JOHNSON, an extremely tall and hopeless romantic must confront her "height issues" on the night of her 32nd birthday.  After a series of embarrassing events at LA most happening nightclub Pearl comes face to face with the reality of being a head taller then most everyone ...even the guys.




Action Adventure




Stryker is an action packed web-series currently in development.


KATRINA KENDRICK, longtime girlfriend of Pasadena's most famous superhero, has her life turned upside down when she accidentally acquires superpowers herself.

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