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The Creative Mastery Alliance (CMA) is a group of actresses brought together by the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The name “Creative Mastery Alliance” is meant to bridge creativity with a serious business mindset in order to deconstruct the notion of the "starving artist." CMA is a forum for masterminding; pushing its members to take bold action, add value by creating innovative content and cultivating quality relationships within the industry.

A dynamic group of women - diverse in their backgrounds, passions and life experiences – was brought together to form CMA: Jamie Ann Burke, Michelle Lee Barton, Jessica Boss, Louella Boquiren, May Wang and Heather Dowling. These CMA members are determined to create and participate in exciting, relevant film and television projects that also showcase their unique voices.













CMA members work to ensure that ideas become reality. The group meets regularly and hosts special guests as a way to broaden the CMA network and foster strategic partnerships in a professional, relaxed, small group environment. Most of all, CMA is about positive mindset. Members take a proactive role in their careers and are advocates for abundance, risk-taking, and total commitment to craft.


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