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ACTRESS TYPE: A mix of Alfre Woodard and Vivica A Fox, with deep emotional intensity, warrior-like athleticism, and natural refinement.

  • Warrior, soldier with leadership tendencies. Curious but cautious, willing to sacrifice self.

  • Professional: Doctor, Nurse, Law Enforcement with an intelligent intensity+ caring nature.

  • Stately dignitary, Royal queen. Statuesque and  athletic, a strong foreigner.

  • Preppy, white collared, sorority girl. Tricky or underhanded with a sweet  appearance.

  • Split personality, manic, boisterous and loudly obnoxious, a bully, but on a dime sweet and demure.

Athletic Shots of Jamie Ann Burke by Debreczi János Gergely Photography
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I created Thespian Heart Clothing to to support actresses, actors, and other artists on their journey to their dreams. I want a fun, fashionable, creative way to remind other artists that they are strong, resilient, and unique.

Casual Shots of Jamie Ann Burke by Maria J Hackett in Long Island City

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CBS FBI "Green Birds"

Jamie Ann Burke co-stars on the hit CBS Show FBI.  “Green Birds” – After eight people are fatally poisoned at a deli in New York City, special agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan trace the crime to an unlikely culprit and conduct a sting operation to prevent further attacks, on FBI, Tuesday, Oct. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Radio Interview | Khalfani Radio

Power Hour with host So Unique and guest Actress/Clothing Designer Jamie Ann Burke. Listen to how both women are sharing their talents as they give back to the community.

Jet Beauty of the Week

Meet this week’s Beauty of the Week, a woman who lives up to the standard JET set decades ago. This week’s Beauty talks about why she chose to compete and what she hopes to achieve in life.

Active Shooter wins 2016 Emmy Award

Active Shooter won an EMMY helping the public to be safer. Thanks to the leadership of Sergeant Harry Drucker and Vance Kotrla, the film "SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER," was a Emmy winner. 

In Power of the Heart, Jamie Ann plays Immaculée Ilibagiza, a woman transformed by the 1994 Rwandan genocide during which she and seven other women spent three months hiding cramped together in a bathroom and then found her family had been slaughtered.

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That's What They Said…



….That Jamie Ann Burke could represent Immaculée so fully is a tribute to Jamie Ann’s ability to tap into anguish, a tribute to Immaculée Ilibagiza's power to teach and a testament to the trust each woman must have had in the other as they let themselves be known. Most of all it is a tribute to the power of the heart…..Janet Gallin Examiner.com


...He does fall in love at once with the Guinevere (the delightful and delicious Jamie Ann Burke) but so does Lancelot….John Farrell The Daily Breeze


Major props to Jamie Ann Burke (@jamieaburke) for being so willing to wear this space suit & film at a scorching volcanic field for over 15 hours straight in 100%+ weather. She captured the emotion flawlessly & this picture could not have been painted without her. Je’kob “This Side of the Sky”


The Power of heart, un sensazionale viaggio alla scoperta delle potenzialità del cuore fatto con compagni di eccezione, da Coelho a Deepak Chopra, e poi dalla straordinaria serenità che mi hanno trasmesso le parole di Jamie Ann. Una serenità ed una consapevolezza di se stessa che alla fine mi hanno indotto a pensare senza alcun dubbio che questo film le abbia davvero cambiato la vita.



The Power of heart , a dramatic journey to discover the potential of the heart made ​​with fellow exception, Coelho Deepak Chopra , and then by the extraordinary serenity that they sent me the words of Jamie Ann . A serenity and an awareness of herself that eventually led me to think without a doubt that this film has really changed my life. Emilia Filocamo Ravello Magazine

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